About Princess of the Stars

I came up with this nickname back in 2006. Turns out I needed a nickname for a new character I was creating in an MMORPG, and as I’ve always been fond of the night sky and fantasized of being a princess, I couldn’t think of anything better than Princess of the Stars. I wanted something that hinted some kind of mysticism and I feel I got it right.

I define myself as a romantic, in every sense of the word: I’m sensitive, passionate, reflective, and I feel inspired by nature. I tend to listen more than to speak. I strike as a shy person, but I can be very outgoing when I feel comfortable. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones I got are worth thousands. I’m a night owl struggling to become an early bird.

I believe everyone’s here for a reason. I feel my reason is to help people in distress and to work for a better world. I get angry at injustice as well as at cold-hearted people. I have a high sense of morality and it pisses me off to meet people who don’t…I just can’t understand them. Hey, I didn’t say I was perfect!



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