My Little Hero

I’ve recently watched a movie, “The Fault in Our Stars”, in which the protagonist mentioned something about the last good days. Even though she was clearly referring to the last good days in the middle of a terminal disease, it got me thinking. Luckily, I have never been on the verge of dying. But boy, do I know about last good moments…

The thing is, we never know when they’re coming. Somehow, it makes sense. All the time, we live moments that are unique. Many of them might just be the last of a kind. But we wouldn’t know it by then. No. How could life ever go on if we were conscious every time that we will never see that friend again? Or that the guy we’ve just kissed and said he’d call…well, he never will! Or that we’ll never hug a relative again…or have the chance to show how much we care? Or that it might just be the last time our dog welcomes us home… or stares at us with its inquiring eyes while we are leaving?

It’d be virtually impossible to go on, indeed. As it is today for me, ‘cause she rescued me in more ways than she’ll ever understand. And I’ll always be grateful. To her, for loving me so selflessly and unconditionally. For being there even without knowing how much I needed her. For licking my face in those mornings I’d rather didn’t get out of bed…at all. For giving me a reason to smile when I was all out of reasons and beyong awareness of how depressed I was. For showing me I am able to go beyond the limits of what I thought was too much work or too nasty, and do it for her well being. Simply, for taking me out of that huge, deep, unknown hole I’d dug myself without even knowing… And saving my life forever.

I’ll always owe you, Dolce. And I’ll always be most grateful to God for putting you in my life, right when I wouldn’t listen to anybody and was all out of faith. Now I know her life is a caress from You, dear God. And I beg You to look out for her always, ‘cause she’s my little hero, my guardian angel.


~*Princess of the Stars*~



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