The Mark of the Unmarked

Fred Bockman is 30 and looks 18. Life has left no marks on him because he hasn’t paid much attention to it.

His parents divorced right after he was born, so he has no memories of all the fights that preceded the split and of the agony that fell over his mother for the following couple of years. His mother never remarried, and he never saw his father again.

Although he has no siblings, he has made a bunch of good friends that has accompanied him from kindergarten to the day. He dated a good many girls in High School and College, but he never truly loved any of them. Neither does he hold any grudge to anyone, nor does he hate anybody. If Life has taught Fred anything, it is that he should live it to the fullest, without the slightest worry, because it is only one and it can end anytime, just like it happened to his pop idol, John Lennon.

For years, he stuck to this philosophy. However, when his friends started getting married and some even had a kid or two, Fred began to feel lonely and empty. He has a full-time job that takes up most of his time and at the weekends he visits his mother and goes clubbing with his single friends. He always gets wasted and spends his whole Sundays sleeping. Then comes Monday again, and off to work he goes. He had never questioned his lifestyle until his best friend Matty got married. Desolate, he realized Life had passed him by.

Yes, Life has left no marks on Fred but the very mark of being unmarked by Life: a profound shallowness that springs from roaming the Earth without a clear purpose; a meaningless life.

~*Princess of the Stars*~

DISCLAIMER: I have no authorship rights for the first two bold-printed itallic sentences. These were supplied to me by a teacher, who took them from somewhere else. The rest of the writing, I have done it myself as a creative writing exercise. I hope you enjoy it…



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