When I die…

 When I die, my body will no longer belong to me, but to those who loved me, so do as you may, as long as you respect my memory. I don’t want you to bury me if you won’t visit often; cremate me and spread me all over my favorite place in the world if that suits you fine, or keep my ashes in an urn in a safe spot at home to feel me near. 

Don’t weep excesively when I’m gone. Instead, smile at the thought of me and the happy times we shared. Don’t make a funeral for me; I’d rather have a celebration of life. I’m positive that when I die, I will have done good things for you to remember and been involved in hilarious situations that will have become anecdotes for you to tell. Of course, nobody’s perfect and I’m sure you’ll find I will have made a lot of mistakes in life; however, try to learn from them so as not to make them yourself, and focus on the good things.

If you miss me, spread my advice, imitate whatever good values you think I lived by. Fight for good and justice, listen to good music and sing your lungs out, read a good book and care for others. Be happy, be optimistic, follow your dreams. Do this, and when I die, I won’t have lived in vain…in fact, I won’t have died at all. 

~*Princess of the Stars*~



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