A few days ago, I was getting back home by bus, as I always do. I turned my mp3 player on, put the headphones on my ears, and had an interesting thought. I don’t know where it came from. I was just too tired; it was one of those moments when your conscious mind slips into your unconscious mind while music fills the background and you listen to the song and it tells you something that it doesn’t really say. Well…this time it was water

 Water is the liquid of life. According to http://www.ca.uky.edu/agc/pubs/fcs3/fcs3530/fcs3530.pdf, “The human body is approximately 65 percent water. This water performs a lot of functions that are critical to staying healthy. While we can live for a long time without food, we can survive only a few days without water or some other liquid to hydrate our bodies.” Among the body functions in which water participates, they mention transportation [through our blood, which is 83% water], lubrication [of the mucous linings of organs, the fluids between internal organs and the joints]digestion [in mucus and salivary juices], temperature control [mainly through perspiration], synthetic reactions [digesting both protein and carbohydrates and building hormones and enzimes] and waste removal [through perspiration and exhalation, besides easing its way through our kidneys and large intestines]. Leaving aside the scientific facts about the role water plays in our body functions, we also use water to perform daily chores such as cooking and washing -bathing ourselves and washing clothes, dishes, etc- and we have it as a drink per se or have drinks which of course are made from water. 

   When we come to think of the important role water plays in our lives, it shouldn’t be so difficult to follow the crazy thought I had; even though I only made this connection later. It’s curious how water in its natural state flows merrily and wild and it seems nothing can harm it in any way. When it evaporates, it would seem as if it ran away from harm and hid in a safe place…much as we do when we daydream to evade ourselves from the depressing reality we live in. But when water hardens into ice, it becomes vulnerable to harm, besides being cold.

  It’s curious how water in its different states mirrors human emotions. We are naturally merry, filled with life. Sometimes, we wish for things we don’t have and imagine how our lives would change with those things in them; this doesn’t necessarily imply sadness or regret…it can also mean hope. But when life gets hard and unbearable, we get depressed and stressed out and become vulnerable. Just like ice, negative thoughts inhabit us and make us be cold and indifferent to others sometimes. This can become a vicious circle when people feel offended by our actions and hurt us back with their words. Maybe it’s just a crazy metaphor, but it doesn’t sound all that crazy when we learn water runs in us. 



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