My Little Hero

I’ve recently watched a movie, “The Fault in Our Stars”, in which the protagonist mentioned something about the last good days. Even though she was clearly referring to the last good days in the middle of a terminal disease, it got me thinking. Luckily, I have never been on the verge of dying. But boy, do I know about last good moments…

The thing is, we never know when they’re coming. Somehow, it makes sense. All the time, we live moments that are unique. Many of them might just be the last of a kind. But we wouldn’t know it by then. No. How could life ever go on if we were conscious every time that we will never see that friend again? Or that the guy we’ve just kissed and said he’d call…well, he never will! Or that we’ll never hug a relative again…or have the chance to show how much we care? Or that it might just be the last time our dog welcomes us home… or stares at us with its inquiring eyes while we are leaving?

It’d be virtually impossible to go on, indeed. As it is today for me, ‘cause she rescued me in more ways than she’ll ever understand. And I’ll always be grateful. To her, for loving me so selflessly and unconditionally. For being there even without knowing how much I needed her. For licking my face in those mornings I’d rather didn’t get out of bed…at all. For giving me a reason to smile when I was all out of reasons and beyong awareness of how depressed I was. For showing me I am able to go beyond the limits of what I thought was too much work or too nasty, and do it for her well being. Simply, for taking me out of that huge, deep, unknown hole I’d dug myself without even knowing… And saving my life forever.

I’ll always owe you, Dolce. And I’ll always be most grateful to God for putting you in my life, right when I wouldn’t listen to anybody and was all out of faith. Now I know her life is a caress from You, dear God. And I beg You to look out for her always, ‘cause she’s my little hero, my guardian angel.


~*Princess of the Stars*~


Strangers in the Night

Saturday, 17th of August, 4:45 AM. Buenos Aires city. Bus stop of line 59, Cabildo Avenue.

The night was slightly chilly. I had been at a friend’s birthday party and now I was heading home. I knew buses ran at a lower frequency at night-time, so when I arrived at the bus stop I decided to walk in circles around the sidewalk while humming a tune, so as to make time pass faster. Suddenly, a lonely-looking guy appeared in the corner. Slightly inhibited, I halted and assumed a normal pose, returning to the bus stop. But instead of walking past me, this guy came towards me.

— Excuse me, do you know where Teodoro Garcia street is?– he asked.

Surprised to know the answer to his question, as I’m practically illiterate when it comes to urban cartography, I answered, beaming: — Yeah, it’s that one, the first you see from here crossing Cabildo.

— Oh — he said. Right when I thought he’d leave, he went on — Hey, do you live here?

— Well, yeah, you could say that — I answered, unwilling to tell the story of my life to a stranger. Still, I couldn’t help feeling a bit dazzled by his looks. You know, his hair a shade between fair and brunette, kind of wavy and coming to his jaw, light blue eyes, caucassian, well-built, and about my height. He looked kind of scruffy, though in a good way. The only drawback? He looked at least 4 years younger than I. Which made me address him as if he were my little sister’s friend or a student of mine, not as an equal. I was just trying to be nice.

— I’m from Bariloche, –he said — so I would like to know of cool pubs and nightclubs to go out here.

— Well, — I skimmed my thoughts. I’m not much of a party girl, so I wouldn’t know a lot to say. Still, I wanted to answer. — There’s this place I’ve been to a couple of times. It’s in Palermo, you know? It’s a bar till 2 AM, when it becomes a nightclub. Really cool.

The guy asked me where the bar was, and I tried to give him directions. Then we both tried –rather unsuccessfully– to agree on the cardinal point it was located. Then he changed the subject.

— So what are you doing now?

— Oh, I’m so going home now. I’m sleepy — I confessed, half embarrassed and feeling old, even at 24.

— I’m Ramiro — he smiled and stretched his hand to shake mine. I did the same. For some mysterious reason, we wouldn’t withdraw our hands from each other’s, holding glances. I was beginning to feel some fluttering of butterflies in my stomach. — Let’s go have a drink — he rather commanded, his tone so compelling it was actually hard to utter rejection. Did I mention even his voice was attractive?

— Oh, I’m so sorry! — I said, offering an apologetic smile. I definitely hadn’t seen that one coming! The fluttering inside me rose to unprecedented levels — I really am sleepy and have to go, — I added. Suddenly, the spell seemed to break and I couldn’t help the afterthought — What were you doing, wandering out there all alone, anyway?

— I live nearby — He muttered. At that point, I really didn’t know what to believe.

— Oh — I said, confused.

— Come, let’s go have a drink. — He insisted, his eyes ever so inviting.

Suddenly, the bus appeared in the corner. — I have to go, — I said — I was actually waiting for this bus.

— Please don’t tell me you have to take this one… — he regretted, his eyes conveying disappointment.

— Sorry, I have to take it. Anyway, thanks… You take care, ok? — I said, getting on the bus. Mixed emotions filled my heart as I sat on the bus and became aware of what had just happened. It had been the first time such a handsome guy hit on me and I wasn’t even sure it had been real. All I knew that very instant was that either God had saved me from something foul …or Life was plain ironic and unfair. While my pious mind went over the Weird Sisters‘ words –“fair is foul and foul is fair”–, the 16 year-old inner me was overwhelmed with the memory of the look in his eyes and the touch of his hand.


~*Princess of the Stars*~

The Mark of the Unmarked

Fred Bockman is 30 and looks 18. Life has left no marks on him because he hasn’t paid much attention to it.

His parents divorced right after he was born, so he has no memories of all the fights that preceded the split and of the agony that fell over his mother for the following couple of years. His mother never remarried, and he never saw his father again.

Although he has no siblings, he has made a bunch of good friends that has accompanied him from kindergarten to the day. He dated a good many girls in High School and College, but he never truly loved any of them. Neither does he hold any grudge to anyone, nor does he hate anybody. If Life has taught Fred anything, it is that he should live it to the fullest, without the slightest worry, because it is only one and it can end anytime, just like it happened to his pop idol, John Lennon.

For years, he stuck to this philosophy. However, when his friends started getting married and some even had a kid or two, Fred began to feel lonely and empty. He has a full-time job that takes up most of his time and at the weekends he visits his mother and goes clubbing with his single friends. He always gets wasted and spends his whole Sundays sleeping. Then comes Monday again, and off to work he goes. He had never questioned his lifestyle until his best friend Matty got married. Desolate, he realized Life had passed him by.

Yes, Life has left no marks on Fred but the very mark of being unmarked by Life: a profound shallowness that springs from roaming the Earth without a clear purpose; a meaningless life.

~*Princess of the Stars*~

DISCLAIMER: I have no authorship rights for the first two bold-printed itallic sentences. These were supplied to me by a teacher, who took them from somewhere else. The rest of the writing, I have done it myself as a creative writing exercise. I hope you enjoy it…

When I die…

 When I die, my body will no longer belong to me, but to those who loved me, so do as you may, as long as you respect my memory. I don’t want you to bury me if you won’t visit often; cremate me and spread me all over my favorite place in the world if that suits you fine, or keep my ashes in an urn in a safe spot at home to feel me near. 

Don’t weep excesively when I’m gone. Instead, smile at the thought of me and the happy times we shared. Don’t make a funeral for me; I’d rather have a celebration of life. I’m positive that when I die, I will have done good things for you to remember and been involved in hilarious situations that will have become anecdotes for you to tell. Of course, nobody’s perfect and I’m sure you’ll find I will have made a lot of mistakes in life; however, try to learn from them so as not to make them yourself, and focus on the good things.

If you miss me, spread my advice, imitate whatever good values you think I lived by. Fight for good and justice, listen to good music and sing your lungs out, read a good book and care for others. Be happy, be optimistic, follow your dreams. Do this, and when I die, I won’t have lived in vain…in fact, I won’t have died at all. 

~*Princess of the Stars*~

The Original Composition

Air. Fire. Earth. Water… It was once thought that these four elements  reflected the simplest essential parts and principles of which anything consisted or upon which the constitution and fundamental powers of anything were based. 

What if the original composition of us human beings could be described in terms of these same four elements?

Air is vital to us. When we breathe, our lungs process the air and leak it into our blood vessels for them to carry oxygen to our body organs, which need it to perform their vital functions correctly. In a more platonic or figurative sense, however, air would represent our souls, where our hopes and dreams reside. These are also vital to us, as they guide us along the path of life. Without them, we find ourselves trapped in a meaningless existence, a mere quest for survival with no further goals. 

Fire has been used to cook and to heat places. However beneficial this may sound, there is another face to fire: it has the power to burn and destroy. Such is the dual nature of our passions— that fire burning within us—which can either be nourishing or wreack havoc on ourselves and those around us. 

Earth is what makes life as we know it possible. It represents the tangible, the physical world. From the earth we get fruits and vegetables to eat, and on it grow the trees, which are in charge of cleaning the air we breathe. All the topography, all the animals, even us human beings, exist because the earth is there to give us shelter. Much like the earth is a shelter for us, our bodies function as shelters to our souls. Through them, our souls experience reality. 

Finally, water can be found in several states: liquid (as in rivers, seas, wells), solid (in the shape of ice), and steam. It can be sweet or salty, depending on the source. It is said water is the liquid of life, as we need it to live as badly as we need air. We are 65% water : blood, perspiration , salivary juices— only to mention a few. Like air, water makes our lives possible; not only as regards the functioning of our bodies but also as regards our daily habits and needs, such as washing and cooking. In our composition, water reflects our mood: we sweat when we are nervous; we cry when we are sad; we may spit when we are angry (okay, some do!); and even our blood pressure goes up when we go through a hard time, evoking the image of a tsunami within us; just to mention a few. Also, most people associate the view of a calm sea with peace. 

Air, fire, earth, water. Their nature is also our nature. 

~*Princess of the Stars*~

Farewell, Steve

I’m writing this post in black in mourning. It is by now of public knowledge that Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO and co-founder, passed away on October 5th. In the era of technology, it was only natural that most of us got the news via a technological device that exists —to some extent— thanks to Steve. Although everybody knew that Steve had been fighting a rare kind of pancreatic cancer for years, the news of his decease came as a shock to most and brought world-wide grief.

  Journalists all over the world are wondering why Steve’s passing made  such a global impact, especially in people who never got the chance to  meet him. Maybe the answer is —at least in most cases— that the gadgets that Steve helped create have changed our lives in a way we couldn’t have dreamed of. Indeed, he was a visionary and a great leader.  Although  many people claim that as Steve dropped out of college in an  early stage all the  engineering work was performed by others —like co-  founder Woz— and therefore Steve doesn’t deserve much of a credit, the  truth is that many of the ideas came from him and if Apple ever got to be  more than just a two-partners-company in a garage, it was certainly  because of Steve’s  ambition and capacity of dreaming big, along with the assertive  personality of one who knew what he really wanted from life. Of course, everyone who’s ever worked for Apple deserves credit for its success, don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying Steve also does.

For those of us who have ever heard his speech for Standford‘s Commencement Address of 2005, Steve may be something more than just a billionaire businessman who changed the way we interact with reality. The first time I ever heard about Steve was precisely because of this speech. It turns out that my dad is the kind of father who is always pushing his kids to keep studying and developing their professional skills for life, and to make their professions their passion. Being so, he couldn’t let go the oportunity to show me Steve’s motivational speech. I don’t remember exactly the year it was —maybe April 2009—, but it was well after he actually delivered it. Anyway, the truths Steve expressed in the speech marked me deeply, as he striked me as a role model: someone who always knew what he wanted and struggled to get it, not giving up despite the many obstacles in his way. He also shared a belief with me: that if we ‘connect the dots’ in our lives, we see everything happens for a reason. You could really see how his personality was shaped by everything that happened to him, good and bad, changing his outlook on life and making him into a humble man with family values. I saw him as a man beaten by life from the very beginning who nevertheless strived to be happy and change the world. It’s true: he was neither a philanthropist nor a religious leader; he didn’t change that part of reality, but his contributions did change the way we relate to the world and our everyday habits, and that was exactly what he wanted to achieve. Since the very day I listened to his speech, I’ve tried to make my loved ones read it or listen to it, and I even picked it out when a teacher asked me to choose a famous speech to practise oratory. 

I’ve been meaning to write this homage to Steve since the very day he left us, but the truth is that I was deeply saddened by his departure, so much so that I even cried when I got the news and couldn’t help my eyes from filling with tears everytime I heard his speech all over again. Once in a while something happens in life or we meet someone that makes us realize why we are here for; that’s what Steve did for me with that speech and with the way he lived his own life. Thank you Steve Jobs for inspiring me to live fully and follow my heart, to live each day as if it was my last and to go on no matter what. I only hope I can someday embody these ‘purely intellectual concepts’ and practise what I preach, just like you did. I look up to you, metaphorically and now, sadly, literally as well. I can only imagine the pain your family must be going through, and I hope they can be strong enough to carry on with a smile as both the memory of you and every device you helped create stare at them. You’ll be missed, Steve, but I’ll make sure as both a prospective mother and a teacher that your words and story live on.  

I’m leaving you all Steve’s speech, in case you haven’t already listened to it. Love,

~* Princess of the Stars *~


   A few days ago, I was getting back home by bus, as I always do. I turned my mp3 player on, put the headphones on my ears, and had an interesting thought. I don’t know where it came from. I was just too tired; it was one of those moments when your conscious mind slips into your unconscious mind while music fills the background and you listen to the song and it tells you something that it doesn’t really say. Well…this time it was water

 Water is the liquid of life. According to, “The human body is approximately 65 percent water. This water performs a lot of functions that are critical to staying healthy. While we can live for a long time without food, we can survive only a few days without water or some other liquid to hydrate our bodies.” Among the body functions in which water participates, they mention transportation [through our blood, which is 83% water], lubrication [of the mucous linings of organs, the fluids between internal organs and the joints]digestion [in mucus and salivary juices], temperature control [mainly through perspiration], synthetic reactions [digesting both protein and carbohydrates and building hormones and enzimes] and waste removal [through perspiration and exhalation, besides easing its way through our kidneys and large intestines]. Leaving aside the scientific facts about the role water plays in our body functions, we also use water to perform daily chores such as cooking and washing -bathing ourselves and washing clothes, dishes, etc- and we have it as a drink per se or have drinks which of course are made from water. 

   When we come to think of the important role water plays in our lives, it shouldn’t be so difficult to follow the crazy thought I had; even though I only made this connection later. It’s curious how water in its natural state flows merrily and wild and it seems nothing can harm it in any way. When it evaporates, it would seem as if it ran away from harm and hid in a safe place…much as we do when we daydream to evade ourselves from the depressing reality we live in. But when water hardens into ice, it becomes vulnerable to harm, besides being cold.

  It’s curious how water in its different states mirrors human emotions. We are naturally merry, filled with life. Sometimes, we wish for things we don’t have and imagine how our lives would change with those things in them; this doesn’t necessarily imply sadness or regret…it can also mean hope. But when life gets hard and unbearable, we get depressed and stressed out and become vulnerable. Just like ice, negative thoughts inhabit us and make us be cold and indifferent to others sometimes. This can become a vicious circle when people feel offended by our actions and hurt us back with their words. Maybe it’s just a crazy metaphor, but it doesn’t sound all that crazy when we learn water runs in us. 

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